Donald D. Anthony, M.D., Ph.D.

Donald Anthony is a Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Section Chief of Rheumatology at the Cleveland VA Medical Center, and staff physician at University Hospitals Medical Center. He obtained his graduate degree in Biochemistry, studying the regulation of protein synthesis at the level of cap binding and RNA unwinding initiation factor activity utilized in cap independent viral translation. He believes he performed the first adaptation of toeprinting (ribosome footprinting) in a eukaryotic system and helped to elucidate the role of cap binding protein factors in cap independent Internal Ribosomal Entry Site (IRES) dependent translation, working in the laboratory of William C Merrick. Post-Doctoral work 1993-1998 with Tarique Haqqi, Peter Heeger and Paul Lehman involved evaluation of host T cell autoimmunity in a collagen induced arthritis model system. He joined the faculty at Case in 1999 as an instructor and since then he has been continuously funded at the national level to lead an investigative team continuing work with host cellular immunity, in the setting of chronic HCV infection and HCV-HIV co-infection. Themes of laboratory focus include mechanisms and markers of immune activation as they relate to immune function in the setting of HCV infection, NK cell control of HCV associated HCC, immune monitoring during chronic viral infection and during immune therapies, and immune health in the settings of chronic viral infection and autoimmunity. He participates in the national AIDS Clinical Trials Consortium as a member of the Inflammation Transformative Science Group, as Safety Monitoring committee Chair for the Hepatitis Transformative Science Group, and as Case Immunology Support laboratory co-investigator. He serves as a senior editor on the new Case journal Pathogens and Immunity, cares for HCV infected patients, and cares for patients with autoimmune disease.