Carey Shive, Ph.D.

Carey Shive is a Research Health Scientist and GRECC Investigator at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center and an adjunct instructor in the Department of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University. Carey has been working in immunology at Case Western Reserve University since 1993. She earned her PhD in 2014 working in Dr. Michael Lederman’s lab where she strove to understand the continued immune dysfunction in a group of patients who had controlled viremia with antiretroviral therapy, but were unable to reconstitute their CD4 T cell numbers; patients often referred to as “immune failures”. After graduating from Dr. Lederman’s lab, Carey joined the lab of Dr. Donald Anthony as a post-doctoral fellow where she studied how inflammation contributes to immune function and responsiveness to neo-antigen vaccine. Throughout her career as an immunologist she has been interested in chronic inflammation and soluble mediators that contribute to this inflammation. During her studies, she noticed many immune parallels between aging and chronic viral infection. Carey was recently awarded a Career Development Award from the Veteran’s Association and will be examining the underlying mechanisms in aging and chronic viral infections (HIV and HCV) associated with elevated expression of innate cytokines, the loss of immune homeostasis, immune exhaustion and senescence, and the related co-morbidities and mortality. She is looking forward to becoming an independent investigator with the support of her outstanding mentors in LII and the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center.